Village of Bellport Rental Registration Info

On February 26, 2018 the Village of Bellport Board of Trustees enacted a new local law regulating the rental of residences in the Village.  This ordinance LOCAL LAW RENTAL REGISTRATION …..02.26.2018 covers ALL rentals, regardless of where the residence is located or the duration of the rental.

All rentals must be registered with the Village. The fee to register is $250 and the registration is good for 2 years.   Please download the attached application to register your rental and return it with payment to Village Hall.

Click here for application: Rental Registration Form

Residents who rent their homes for short periods of time during the peak summer period, which is from Saturday, May 26.2018 to Monday, September 3, 2018, are limited to 5 rentals. Guests who rent short term will be required to obtain an ID card from Village Hall and will pay guest rates to use the amenities.  Information regarding rentals, ID cards and the use of amenities can be found in the Good Neighbor Brochure.

Click here for the Good Neighbor Brochure: Good Neighbor Brochure – Final Copy

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