Building Department


 The Village of Bellport Building Department serves the community by providing for the health, safety and welfare of the public. It is responsible for:

  • Reviewing all construction projects and issuing building permits
  • Conducting building inspections
  • Zoning Compliance
  • Complaints
  • Fire/Life Safety Inspection
  • Site Plans (Planning Board)
  • Subdivisions (Planning Board)
  • Area and Use Variances, Certificates of Existing Use and Code Interpretations (Zoning Board of Appeals)


 Residents planning to do work to their property or business should contact the building department to find out if a building permit is required.  Work requiring a permit includes:

1. Construction of a new building
2. Building an addition on your house or business
3. Interior alterations to a building including demolition of walls (both load bearing and non-load bearing).
4. Plumbing systems including:

      • Installation of new plumbing
      • Alterations to existing plumbing when:
        • Fixtures are being moved to a different location
        • When walls and floors have to be removed to replace pipes

5. Installing a pool or hot tub (includes both in-ground and above ground pools)
6. Installing and/or replacing all or part a fence
7. Replacing 50% or more of the windows on any structure
8. Expanding a driveway
9. Replacing the sheathing on a roof
10. Installing solar panels
11. Building or replacing a shed, a garage or other accessory structure
12. Demolishing a building
13. Installing a portico or a pergola
14. Building or replacing a deck or porch
15. Constructing a dock, bulkhead, or retaining wall
16. Converting from oil to gas systems (or vice versa)
17. Installing a generator
18. Installing an HVAC system

Building permits are required under Village of Bellport Code & New York State Law.  Approval for a septic system may be required from Suffolk County.



The following is the process to obtain a building permit:

1. Submit a completed Building Permit Application with all required documents which must include the following:

a. A survey that is drawn to scale containing all existing buildings and structures and indicate the distance from the nearest street.  The survey must contain the surveyors seal and the date.
b.    A site plan, prepared by a licensed architect or surveyor, showing the location of the proposed construction with exact dimensions and setbacks.
c.     Construction plans for new buildings or renovations. Existing structures require AS BUILT PLANS.
If one (1) acre or more of land will be disturbed due to regrading, excavation or clearing, a Storm water Pollution Prevention Plan will be required.
d.    A completed, signed and notarized Residential Smoke Detector Affidavit.
e.     A completed, signed and notarized Solder and Scald Certification Affidavit (Only needed if new plumbing is being installed.)
f.      A completed, signed and notarized Owner’s Consent to Visit property form.
g.    One (1) photocopy of tax bill or tax printout to specifically identify the property and current owner.
h.    One (1) photocopy of all Certificates of Occupancy, Compliance, Existing Use or Zoning Compliance for all existing structures on the premises.
i.      The Contractor’s New York State Workers Compensation Insurance Form or For CE-200 if the homeowner is as the general contractor.
j.      One signed and dated Short Environmental Assessment Form (EAF).
k.     A copy of the contractor’s Suffolk County Contractor’s license.
l. Approval from the Suffolk County Health Department may be required for the septic system. Contact the Suffolk County Health Department of Waste water Management at (631) 852-5700 and speak with an Engineer regarding the construction of the septic system.

Permits for plumbing work and solar panels may not require all of the above mentioned documents. Permit applications specify what documents need to be included with the application.

      1. The building permit application is reviewed by a building inspector who will do one of the following:

a. Approve the application and issue a building permit or
b. Direct the applicant to apply to one or more of the following boards:

1. The Village of Bellport Zoning Board of Appeals
2. The Village of Bellport Architectural Review Board
3. The Village of Bellport Historic District Preservation Commission
4. The Village of Bellport Planning Board (for subdivision requests)

      1. If the project requires a board review:
        1. The Chairperson of each the relevant board will review the application and decide if it is to be scheduled for a public hearing.
        2. The board hears the application and will either approve or deny the application.

 i.   If the application is denied by the Architectural Review Board or the Historic District Preservation Commission, the applicant may appeal the decision to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

      1. Once an applicant has received approval from all required boards:
        1. The building inspector will review the plans and issue the building permit.
        2. The applicant will be contacted to pick up the building permit and pay any fees.
        3. The building permit is good for one year from the date of issuance and must be posted on job site throughout construction until job is finished.
        4. The applicant must come in 30 days prior to the expiration of the permit if the job is to run through the expiration of building permit.
        5. The renewal fee will be ½ of the original permit fee for the first renewal provided the renewal is done prior to the expiration of the permit. If the permit is renewed after the expiration date, the fee will be the full price of the permit.
        6. Any subsequent renewals will be at the full price of the permit.
        7. The Building Inspector will inspect the work being done under the building permit and issue a Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Compliance once the work is completed and meets the State Building and Fire Codes.

The Building Department will do its best to guide residents and business owners through the process of obtaining a building permit.  Please note that all appropriate documents must be submitted and reviewed by the Building Department prior to the Village issuing a building permit.



 Building permit applications can be obtained at Village Hall, 29 Bellport Lane, Bellport, NY or  Click this link for the forms and applications page

To contact the Building Department:

Marylou Bono, Building Department Supervisor

Peter Sarich, Building & Fire Inspector

Peggy Costanzo, Building Department Assistant

Or call 631-286-0327 Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm



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