Village Boards

ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS meets every third (3rd) Thursday of each month.
The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) hears applications for special permits and for area and use variances on projects that do not meet Village of Bellport Zoning codes. The ZBA can also review, reverse, affirm or modify any order, requirement, decision, interpretation or determination made by any administrative official charged with the enforcement Zoning codes. Board members serve five (5) year terms, with one board member’s term being renewed every year.
Steven Cannella, Chairperson Caroline (Ceci) Tripp, Vice Chairperson Judy Harvey, Michael Mizrahi, Jim Wood, James Jankowski (Alternate), Michael Heitner (Althernate)
ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW BOARD meets every 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month.
The Architectural Review Board strives to preserve the character, charm and property values of the village. All applications for a building permit for the construction, erection or alteration of any building must be reviewed by this Board along with decks, pools and athletic courts not located in the rear yard. There are seven members on this board who serve unlimited terms.
Marge Crowley — Chairperson, Dan Person — Vice Chairperson, Mathew Boals, Dorothy Terwilliger, Michael Cohen, Allyson Sponton, Donna Sheehan, Architect Michael Morbillo, Joan DeBragga (Alternate)
The Historic District Preservation Commission works to preserve the authenticity of the Villages three (3) landmarked houses and the homes located in the Village’s 5 Historic Districts. Any work done in an historic district has to be reviewed and approved by this 5 member board.
Brian Hannon, Chairperson Tom Binnington, Vice Chairperson Victor Principe, Roger Thomas, James Carson (alternate), Maria Alataris (Architect)
PLANNING BOARD meets as needed.
Approval of the Planning Board is required for construction and alteration of the buildings and structures in the Business District, the Professional Business District and the Cultural Arts district. The board regulates subdivisions and lot line modifications in all zoning districts.Members serve 5 year terms with one term having to be renewed every year.
Stephen Musolino, Chairperson, Christine Novelli, James Koronkiewicz, Neil Koenig, Paul Warner, Frances Bernstein (Alternate)
The Waterfront Management Commission oversees all issues that deal with the Village’s shoreline. They are charged with insuring the stabilization, protection and preservation of the waterfront.
Joseph Gagliano, Co-Chairperson Rona McKechnie, Co-Chairperson Michael Ferrigno, Joseph Hendrie, Fred Hall, Charlie Swift, Michael Kaelin, Ned Moran
GOLF COMMISSION meets once a month, usually on the first Wednesday.
The Golf Commission assists the Village Board of Trustees in maintaining the Bellport Golf Course.
Brit Lawlor, Chairperson, Millie Brown, Ed Santilone, Ron Krawczyk, Carol Cassel
The Residential Rental/Bed & Breakfast Committee
Mary Butler , Lorretta Drew, Steve Pocaro, Gloria Cummings, Russell Nardozza, Eric Sofio, Dwight Trujillo

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